Immersion Program

Apply for our exclusive immersion program as we help TAU entrepreneurs connect with the California market and accelerate their venture(s).
IF YOU ARE a TAU entrepreneur focused on: Deep Technologies | Digital Health | Media | Entertainment | Big Data | AI | IoT | Bio-Med Tech | Internet.


July 14-28th 2019: TAU + IDEAS Immersion + Scopus Ventures + Google = IMMERSION


IMMERSION provides an intensive multi-faceted program focused on market access and product/service validation. Offering select participants the opportunity to connect with the California business community, home to the world’s top startup ecosystems, and much more.



    • Tailored workshops, lectures and hands-on training.


    • Access to Scopus Ventures offices in West LA


    • 2 day IMMERSION program in San Francisco and Silicon Valley with Google and select companies and investors


    • One-on-one meetings with industry leaders


    • Tours and meetings with CA businesses


  • VIP Receptions with CEOs and active VC & Angel investors

First Name

Last Name


Phone Number


Current Occupation

Name of Venture

  • Application Criteria:
  • TAU alumni or students
  • 10 founders per program max
  • Total time commitment (must participate in entire program)
  • 1. One minute video – Why do you want to participate in immersion?

    2. Timing - product market fit- why now?

    3. Execution - who is on the team?

    4. Idea - what is the idea?

    5. Business plan - show us your deck
    PDF and Microsoft Word documents accepted.
    File size cannot exceed 10 MB.

    6. Capital - have you raised any capital?






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