TAU Ventures

TAU – Israel’s largest university, has the best alumni entrepreneurial record outside of the USA. Approximately 50% of all Israeli entrepreneurs are alumni of TAU.  TAU is now ranked #9 globally, the only non-US university, of the top 50 universities producing VC backed entrepreneurs .

TAU has created a new Venture Capital Fund, ‘TAU Ventures’, focusing on early stage IP and ideas from TAU students, alumni and the wider Tel-Aviv ecosystem.  The fund will operate out of a new co-working space on campus and will be led by serial entrepreneur and investor, Nimrod Cohen.

Delta Pre-Accelerator

The first pre-accelerator of its kind in Israel, the Delta Start-up Studio offers Start-up Builders and Venture Founders the opportunity to prototype early-stage ventures (theirs or others) within a highly supportive and action-oriented environment.  IMBA students will tighten their venture offering, strengthen team leading capabilities, build prototypes, and solidify their pitch via workshops, prototyping rounds, and mentoring.  


The goal of the Delta Start-up Studio is to ultimately mature new concepts to be accelerator and/or pre-seed investor ready. The course culminates in a Demo Day, where select ventures get to pitch to a panel comprised of accelerator managers and pre-seed investors.   


Students will workshop many key skills and concepts, including:

  1. Design thinking as a systematic decision making method
  2. Client preservations oriented product design
  3. Storytelling, video creation, presentation workshops
  4. Modeling, UX, rapid prototyping workshops
  5. Presentation simulations

i3 Equity Partners

The Israel Internet of Things (IoT) Innovations and i3 Equity Partners consortium established an investment vehicle with an initial sum of $20 million at Tel Aviv University to develop IoT technologies.


The consortium is comprised of GE Ventures, HNA EcoTech, Microsoft Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and Tata.


It will partner with Israel’s Pitango Venture Capital and the university’s company, Ramot.


StarTAU is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009 by a group of then-students, who felt there’s a gap in the academy’s ability to support early-stage entrepreneurs inside the campus. In a very short time StarTAU grew to be the largest and most active entrepreneurship center in Israel, with a community of more than 15,000 local followers and thousands more throughout the world.


StarTAU’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs and students of entrepreneurship with the practical and professional guidance they need to start a successful business venture. We assist businesses and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields including: internet ventures, bio-tech development, mobile applications, low-tech ventures, patent licensing, medical devices and many more. Our training and facilities include workshops and seminars, courses (3500+ alumni), mentorship programs with a database of over 350 mentors, and funding opportunities with a database of over 250 Angels and VC’s. StarTAU additionally offers key networking and business resources as well as open space hubs for students and entrepreneurs.

Momentum Fund

The Momentum Fund, with an oversubscribed investment of $23.5M, invests in promising breakthrough technologies in a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, high-tech and the physical sciences. Tata Group is the lead investor of the Momentum Fund. Singapore-based Temaske is another key investor.


Momentum Fund investment recipients are early stage innovative projects that can receive $250K to $1M to further their research, with an eye towards rapid commercialization. Tel Aviv University researchers involved in funded projects receive assistance from both the Momentum Fund and Ramot in forging connections with industry, as well as guidance in all aspects involved in transforming projects into products.



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